Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Believe me please. Just give this wonderful app a go. Your children will be amazed and want to do them again and again. If that's not enough then get the kids to show your technologically unsavvy parents (if you have some). My boys showed their Grandma and her reaction was priceless, she finished declaring that I am a magician.

Quiver Augmented Reality Trailer

by Quiver Augmented Reality

Quiver Augmented Reality Trailer 2

by Quiver Augmented Reality

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Show Me

Show me is an app that all tablets need. It is the simple doodle pad,  planning page, draft ideas pad and just simple fun app that we all need at various times. If you watch the ShowMe App Story video below you will also see that ShowMe can become a very powerful educational tool.

 The ShowMe Story
by Showme App

 The Show Me App Tutorial
by DSBPCProDevelopment