Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Storm and Skye and the Secret of the Car Wash

Screen time can be used very well with reading apps. Storm and Skye's Magical Adventures are going to be a popular style of reading app for future users and parents that are always looking for ways to improve their child's comprehension. 
The first installment - The Secret of the Car Wash is setting an very high standard for future updates.

Official Digimodo Youtube Clip

Storm & Skye - magical adventure story for kids  by Best iPad app demo for kids. 

A Parcel of Courage

A fabulous book, great theme and well worth the $3.79 for the Full Version.

Preview of "A Parcel of Courage" by Mariya Stavinskaya. This interactive picture book is available for: iPad, iPhone and Android

This Youtube video posted by Moona demonstrates the additional activities and access you can have with the Full Version.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


This was a sensational app when the user had to pay for it. Now it comes with more accessories and tools, more export options and freedom and is absolutely FREE! 
Whether you are looking for a fun app for your creative story telling child to tinker with or an app for an Autistic student who struggles to convey their ideas in writing, this is an app you need to try.

Official Toontastic Youtube Clip

A Short Toontastic creation by Rachel (11 years old)(From Wesley Fryers You Tube Channel)